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Getting Started

Log in to your Azure Portal.

Select 'Azure Active Directory' and the 'App Registrations' item.

We will let Azure Active Directory know about IntelliGantt here so all your users can access it.

Click 'Add', name it 'IntelliGantt' with an application type of 'Web app / API' (which is the default) and use a sign-on url of ''.

This is a one time, initial setup performed by the administrator. Users will simply go to

Now that we've added IntelliGantt, we need to update a couple settings. First, permissions.

Azure Active Directory provides the ability to grant access for applications to use Office 365 API. Without this step IntelliGantt will not be able to access your data in

Click on 'All Settings' and then 'Required Permissions'.

By default the Azure Active Directory is provisioned for you.

Add the Office 365 SharePoint Online API.

We're talking to SharePoint first, but my those other APIs look interestering too!

Enable Access for the following DELEGATED PERMISSION: 'Read and write items and lists in all site collections'

This gives the currently logged in user their permission profile to your site.

Edit the Manifest so that 'oauth2AllowImplicitFlow' is set to 'true'.

This is deep in the bowels gobbledeegook that lets the user permissions work through the rest api calls.

Copy the Application ID GUID value.

Azure Active Directory is all set up, now we just need to let IntelliGantt know about it.

Open up and enter the site you wish to talk to.

This can be the root or any subsite you like. Subsites can be a little trickier as it's not always clear what the actual site endpoint to use is. In general, it's everything before the 'SitePages/Home.aspx' part of your url.

Enter the Application ID for the sharepoint site you copied above.

Whether you want to connect to the top level site or a subsite, the first time you need to pair 'yourcompany' to an Application ID. Again, a one-time only step no one else will see.

Click 'Go' to bring up the native ADFS login.

Be sure your web browser allows popups for the site otherwise you won't see this page. When you do see it, this login is from and thus supports all the login options you have set up, like two-factor authentication.

Accept the permission request and you're done!

The delegated permission we assigned in Azure Active Directory is reflected here for the user to agree with. Click 'Accept' and IntelliGantt will be able to access your task lists, tasks and subsites for all your project management and aggregation needs!

Edge and IE Users Important Note

Edge and IE 10/11 may require you to make sure both and are in your Trusted Zones.

Something or other to do with cookies apparently. Chrome, Firefox and Safari work just fine.