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Adjust Predecessors and Successors

Dependencies are an important part of a well-planned project and IntelliGantt provides a quick tool for you to adjust tasks based on the dependencies you assign. With the 'Dependency Adjuster' tool you can quickly pull in or push out all predecessors or successors of a task. Simply selet the task you wish to work with and click on the Dependency Adjuster tool.

The tool that appears lets you work with either predecessors or successors. By default it starts with successors but just click the buttons to toggle.

The input box let's you define a duration, like 1 day (1d) or 4 hours (4H). When you click the '+' or '-' buttons the dependant tasks will add or subtract the duration you provided.

The numbers that change above the '+' and '-' buttons shows you the total amount all tasks have moved on the timeline.

You can push tasks and all their successors as far out on the timeline as you like. When you pull in tasks, IntelliGantt only goes to the first successors as we don't want to make too many changes for something so critical at one time. We want to show you the immediate effects you can be aware of.