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Connect Tasks to Discussions

IntelliGantt is built to recognize lookup fields with special names. If it cannot find a lookup field for 'Discussions', for example, then when you hover or select a task you will see a message within the discussions bubble 'Connect to Discussions'.

'Discussions' is an app that comes with SharePoint, but may not be in your site. If not, go to the 'Site Contents' and click 'add an app'.

Add a 'Discussion Board' to your site.

Now that we have a 'Discussions' app in the site, we will need to connect our Task List to it by means of a Lookup column. Go the the task list and click on 'List Settings'.

Here we will create the Lookup column and name it 'Discussions'. If you want to name the field something else or another language, still create a column named 'Discussions' and then, after you've saved it, come back and rename it to your preferred word.

The lookup column will get information from our Discussions app.

When we return to IntelliGantt we see that it's found the Discussions app via the lookup column. IntelliGantt then shows you which discussion is linked with a task.

For example, here is a discussion we just associated with the task 'Two'.