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Assign Resource Costs

IntelliGantt for SharePoint 2013 enhances basic task list assignments by adding effort and hourly rates for each person and rolling up cost values in a 'Cost' column.

First, add a new currency column to your task list and name it 'Cost'. IntelliGantt is programmed to look for this 'Cost' column and will store its computed cost values there. IntelliGantt will always compute a cost value, but in order for it to show up in the tool the 'Cost' column needs to be in the active view. Otherwise, if you just have a personal view that shows the 'Cost' column but the other views do not, then in effect you will be the only person able to see the cost values and other people will not.

IntelliGantt also knows about 'ActualStart' (Date and Time), 'ActualFinish' (Date and Time) and 'ActualCost' (Number formattedd as Currency) if you want to track these as well. Just be sure to add them exactly as you see them to you list columns.

Once your 'Cost' column is in place, click on the 'Resources' icon on the top bar to bring up the resource costing tool.

Select one or more resources in you list to see their Effort and Hourly Rate values. It's probably easier to work with one at a time, but if you select several, then when you make a change it will be applied to all selected.

Note also how selecting a resource filters the tasks shown in IntelliGantt. When you want to see all the tasks again, just clear the selections.

Though John has assigned tasks with duration and work values, because he does not have an hourly rate there is no estimated nor actual cost. So let's give him an hourly rate of 50.

Now John as Estimated Cost and Actual Cost values. Well, because John hasn't actually started his tasks yet, the Actual Cost values are zero.

The other computation is Level of Effort, listed as just 'Effort'. Perhaps John is an exceptional worker who can do five times the work of a normal resource. We could capture this by upping the Effort value to 500.

We click the checkbox to see the currently filtered list of tasks and the Cost. Perhaps you notice the 'Extra' little bit just to the left of 'Cost'?

'Cost' itself is a reserved column that IntelliGantt does not allow you to edit. Instead, IntelliGantt rolls other Currency columns into the Cost column automagically so you get a sense for all the costs associated with a task. So we added an 'Extra Cost' currency column that adds to the cost column.

To illustrate this, let's change 'Plan Dinner' Extra Cost value to '10000', which you see is added to the 'Cost' column as it changes (including rollup to parents).

Finally, you can override the level of effort and hourly rates on a task assignment as well so you can handle special cases.