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Selecting the View to Use

By default IntelliGantt will display All Tasks to you as it works through the task list items to show. It does a simple name match to the view when querying SharePoint the task list items.

You can select a different view to apply to your task lists by selecting from the dropdown. The dropdown list items reflect the current selection in the gantt chart and the corresponding SharePoint task list. If nothing is selected, then the IntelliGantt 'Default' internal list is used.

But what about establishing the initial view when IntelliGantt loads to be something other than 'All Tasks'?

Click on the 'View' tool just to the left of the view dropdown list. This tool lets you do two things: 1) Adjust the 'Default' display names when IntelliGantt has to supply the view and 2) Adjust the default view to use when IntelliGantt starts.

Selection 'initial' on the left and the currently available views are displayed on the right.

Select the view you would like to use on the initial IntelliGantt load. If you select a view name that doesn't exist in other lists, then only the 'project' item will load in the gantt chart (reflecting the list). No items will load unless the view names match.

If you want to make the change for everyone, then select the 'Save Settings' checkbox on the bottom left. This will update the configuration.js file on your SharePoint server that everyone uses. Thus, the will use the same initial view.

Now when IntelliGantt loads it will use the view you selected.