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Cross Site Task Aggregation

We just saw how simple it is to select one or more task lists to view within a SharePoint site, but what about task lists across SharePoint sites? IntelliGantt for SharePoint makes it easy by letting you add as many cross site task lists as you like while still letting you select which ones to show. Let's take a look.

In this example we have a sub site under the current site IntelliGantt is installed in. Use the 'Pith Helmet' tool to simply include task lists or calendar lists from sub sites. It is also possible to include any other site within the same site collection into a view, though this requires manually editing the configuration.js file.

Which SharePoint Task Lists are included in the view is determined by the configuration settings in your configuration.js file. You can change this file or use the 'Pith Explorer' tool in the UI to make changes. You have the option to make your changes persistent for every other user of IntelliGantt visiting this same site.

To bring up the tool simply click or touch the pith helmet. The currently available task lists for the current site and all sub sites (here shown as the 'Music' sub site) are shown and checked if they are visible in IntelliGantt.

Music is not checked, so let's check it. Doing so includes the Calendar and Tasks lists.

IntelliGantt reloads and now only the task lists from the sites you've selected are shown.

Note that the change you made is for you only. If you'd like others to see the same selection of task lists across sites, then click the 'save selections' checkbox. Now when people use IntelliGantt within this site, they will see the same list of tasks from the same sub sites that you see.