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Select the Task Lists to Show

Perhaps the single most powerful feature with IntelliGantt for SharePoint is the ability to combine multiple task lists into a single view. In this example we will show how the default 'all lists' works, demonstrate how to include specific lists. We will be working with two lists in this example, but from this you'll understand how to work with three, four and more.

Here is a 'project' site with two task lists. The first task list (named 'Tasks') was part of the site template when created. The second task list (named 'More Tasks') was added later as a Tasks App. If you install the basic IntelliGantt for SharePoint configuration you will automatically see all the task lists from the site combined into a single view.

Which SharePoint Task Lists are included in the view is determined by the configuration settings in your configuration.js file. You can change this file or use the 'Pith Explorer' tool in the UI to make changes. You have the option to make your changes persistent for every other user of IntelliGantt visiting this same site.

To bring up the tool simply click or touch the pith helmet. The currently available task lists are shown and checked if they are visible in IntelliGantt.

If you don't want to see a particular task list, simply unclick it.

IntelliGantt reloads and now only the task lists you've selected are shown.

Note that the change you made is for you only. If you'd like others to see the same selection of task lists, then click the 'save selections' checkbox. Now when people use IntelliGantt within this site, they will see the same list of tasks that you see.