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Sorting and Grouping Tasks

IntelliGantt pays attention to your List View definitions associated with the SharePoint Task List. Here we will explicitly create an 'Ordinal' column to enforce task sorting that makes sense. We will also group them by Start Date and see how IntelliGantt visual presentation will be similar to SharePoint's grouping-- only IntelliGantt expands everything for you by default.

First let's add an Ordinal column. It does have to be named 'Ordinal' and be a Number column.

Got to the List Settings and click 'Create Column'. Again, name the column Ordinal with a column type of Number.

Next we will create a view that sorts on this Ordinal column and also groups tasks by Start Date.

In the List Settings again choose Create View. It can be helpful to base it off an existing view like 'All Tasks'. We will call this on 'Alphabetical' but obviously it can be named anything. The important bits are how we sort and group.

In SharePoint the task list is presented like so.

In IntelliGantt you select the 'project' (actually the task list) to see its associated views. Here we select 'Tasks' in order to see the 'Alphabetical' view.

The result is an expanded view that matches the Sorting and Grouped By field definitions in the SharePoint view. If other lists in your IntelliGantt project also have an 'Alphabetical' view, then it will be applied as well, otherwise other projects (task lists) will not show any tasks.

Finally, IntelliGantt supports a single 'Grouped By' definition. Additional groupings will be ignored.