IntelliGantt for SharePoint Purchasing

One year for $399. We like to keep powerful tools both simple and affordable.

License IntelliGantt for SharePoint Online or On Premises

SharePoint Online

This requires an initial setup by the administrator. The executive summary is simply add 'IntelliGantt' as a client app recognized by your ADFS and let IntelliGantt know about it (details). Once IntelliGantt knows about the ADFS client id, it will start the 15 day trial.

To license, identify in the input below. Once a license is purchased everyone on that SharePoint tenant is automatically activated with no additional steps on your part. All users, all sites and all tasks.

SharePoint On Premises

This requires an initial setup by the site owner. The executive summary is simply embed a couple lines or html/javascript OR add an IntelliGantt_Online.aspx page to your site. Both options are detailed here.

To license, identify the domain of your sharepoint server in the input below. For example: Once a license is purchased everyone using that SharePoint server is automatically activated with no additional steps on your part. All users, all sites and all tasks.

The Actual License Purchase

We use Stripe to handle the credit card processing. Safe, secure and reliable (and perfectly able to handle foreign transactions).

The invoice will be sent to the email address you provide below. We will also add this email address to our 'update' email we send no more than once a month.

Name Duration Price Purchase
1 Month 30 Days $69
6 Months 182 Days $249
1 Year 365 Days $399
2 Years 730 Days $599

Name Duration Price Quantity Purchase
Remote Consulting 1 Hour $150
On Site Consulting 1 Hour $225


Licensing FAQ

How does the license work for Office 365 SharePoint Online?

The license is bound to your SharePoint tenant name, which means all sites within that tenant become available to use. For example, if you license, then and all its site collections, sites, tasks and members are enabled.

How do I manage who can access my SharePoint tenant with IntelliGantt?

With your Active Directory Federated Service that comes with Office 365, or any ADFS you are using, to provide identity for SharePoint.

How does the license work for SharePoint On Premises?

Exactly the same. IntelliGantt will need to be able to talk to your on premises SharePoint site. Typically this means your on premises SharePoint is available on the web, but if you access SharePoint via a virtual private network (VPN) then just make sure it is on when use IntelliGantt.

Any charges for the number of users?

No extra charges! You can have as many SharePoint users as you like.

Are there any client licenses involved?

None whatsoever!

What if I don't use IntelliGantt for the purchased time? Can I get a credit?

We cannot track usage so the short answer is no. We sincerely believe our fully functional trial and simple licensing serves the customer very well.

Consulting FAQ

What does your current schedule look like?

Occassionally things may be open 'right now', but it's usually better to plan with two months of lead time.

Why does on-site consulting cost so much more than remote consulting?

Because we simply want to charge a rate to cover everything rather than billing travel, hotel, food, etc.

How do we stay in touch for remote consulting?

Lots of choices available from Skype, Google Hangouts, Join.Me or Goto Meetings, GitHub and SharePoint!

Are there discounts for extended consulting engagements?

Yes, if your engagement is longer than 3 weeks we can start being flexible with the pricing. Please contact us to work it out.

Do I own the source produced by the consulting arrangement?

Absolutely. However, we do like to learn what our customers need and enhance IntelliGantt with the spark of an idea.

Purchasing FAQ

Do you store any purchasing information on your site?

Absolutely Not. Our payment processor (Stripe) handles sensitive information securely and appropriately.

The company is TeamDirection but I'm on the IntelliGantt site?

Yes, IntelliGantt is the brand owned by TeamDirection.

Can I pay in a foreign currency?

You can certainly purchase from anywhere in the world, but all prices are quoted in US dollars and all purchases are in US dollars.

How long before I receive license instructions?

Completing a purchase will automatically activate your license. An invoice will be sent to you via email.

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